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  • Foam-it! Solvent free, water based cleaner. Use it to remove dirt, swarf and to degrease all kinds of surfaces such as old paint layers, transport primers, other primers, metals such as steel, aluminium and galvanized pieces and also plastic. Perfectly suitable to prepare sanding, painting and general cleaning. Suitable for all kinds of paints.

    Foam it! The ammonia free universal water based cleaner and degreaser in an aerosol. In contradiction to what is on the market already, Foam it! is not only ammonia free but leaves a thin foam layer once sprayed on the surface. This makes it easy to wipe off without excessive foam doing nothing then foaming. The thin foam releases all kind of dirt and grease almost instantly from any surface and wipes off very easily, without leaving any traces. Foam It! can be used as a general purpose automotive or domestic cleaner, but also as a preparation before painting or plastic repair considering its unique degreasing formula.


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