Hawk GlasTech Lo 9000 Cataylist


Hawk GlasTech Lo 9000 Cataylist is to be used with the GlasTech 9200 range

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Product Information

GlasTech Lo 9200 topcoat system is a low VOC, low odor, 4-hour cure, 2:1 acrylic urethane topcoat system. It possesses all the benefits of the traditional GlasTech 9200 Topcoat System and provides a low odor solution that is compliant with all current VOC regulations for topcoats. This is made possible by a technology, which eliminates many of the negative side effects of older liquid accelerators, such as low cross-linking, softer dry films, pigmentation kick-out, and blushing.

This product is for use by professional trained personal  

For optimal performance, bring all components to room temperature prior to use.

Mix 2 parts Hawk GlasTech Lo 9200 Resin to 1 part Isofree Plus Lo Cataylist and 1 part Hawk GlasTech Lo 9000 Topcoat Reducer

Please find link to Hawk Labs PDF Instruction Sheet Hawk Resurfacing Reference Guide – 2020

1 x  0.94 Litre Bottles


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