Hawk MicroClean Two-Step Cleaner


Hawk MicroClean Two-Step Cleaner for Surface Preparation

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The MicroClean Step I and Step II industrial strength, two-step surface preparation system provides consistent and precise cleaning of porcelain, ceramic and fiberglass surfaces, providing maximum primer adhesion to the substrate.

  • MicroClean Step I cleaner is a powerful blend that uses chelating action technology to neutralize hard water ions during the scrubbing process, allowing the cleaner to quickly loosen and remove soap scum, caulk residue, stains and hard water deposits.
  • MicroClean Step II cleaner uses deep penetrating agents to remove residue and acids from other cleaners, leaving the treated surface at a true neutral pH level.

Apply undiluted MicroClean Step 1 cleaner evenly to the entire surface being refinished. Using a scrubber, scotch pad or 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper, scrub the surface thoroughly. Areas were contaminate build up is higher may require repeated cleaning.

Rinse the surface thoroughly with hot water and sponge dry.

Apply undiluted MicroClean Step 2 Cleaner evenly to the entire surface being refinished. Using a scotch pad, scrub the surface thoroughly.

Rinse the surface with hot water and sponge dry. The treated surface is PH neutral

Please find link to Hawk Labs PDF Instruction Sheet Hawk Resurfacing Reference Guide – 2020

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