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holzöl Weather-Oil

  A range of high opacity microporous clear and pigmented oils designed for exterior weather protection with active ingredients to protect against mould and fungi. holzol® Weather-Oil is a specific blend of oils, waxes and natural resins in combination with UV-inhibitors to prevent greying and oxidisation. Suitable for timber cladding, doors and windows, conservatories, and garden furniture.


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Blue, Cedar, Clear UV 30%, Green, Grey, Ivory, White



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7UV/00/30A, 7UV/00/30L, 7WE/01/30L, 7WE/02/30L, 7WE/03/30L, 7WE/04/30L, 7WE/05/30L, 7WE/06/30L


2.5L, 1ltr

  • Holzöl Weather-Oil Clear UV prolongs the colour of the timber, preventing greying and oxidisation.
  • Holzöl Weather-Oil Clear UV penetrates and nourishes the timber. Its microporous natural and UV inhibitors provide unrivalled weathering protection.
  • It can either be used alone as a coat on coat clear system or as protective topcoat for other holzöl exterior oils.
  • Mixing Guidelines Supplied ready for use (RFU).
  • Typical Handling Drying Time: 10 – 12 hours, Recoat Time 10 – 12 hours These times are dependant amounts applied, the absorbency of the wooden substrate and application conditions.
  • White Spirit should be used for cleaning equipment.
  • Coverage Approximately 12 – 28m² per litre depending upon the application method, absorbency and surface quality of the timber being coated.
  • Before starting, make sure the surfaces of the timber to be coated should be clean, dry and free from oils, greases, waxes, silicones, old finishes etc.
  • Typical Clear Finish: Apply a coat of holzöl Weather-Oil Clear, by brush, or roller.
  • Allow 10 – 12 hours to dry, then lightly abrade with 220/240 sanding discs.
  • Apply a second coat , as above.
  • The holzöl Weather-Oil Clear UV should be maintained using a clean, lightly damped cloth. If the finish becomes “tired” looking or damaged, abrade with 240/320 sanding discs and apply a further coat of holzöl Weather-Oil Clear UV. Important
  • Always test the product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area to assess compatibility, colour and finish.

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