Konig 210 Felt Touch-Up Dye Pen

Quick drying light fast translucent dye in a refillable pen. Easy to use and available in over fifty shades. Ideal for repairing small scuff marks and edge damage or touching in worn or abraded areas. Refillable with Konig 220 Dyes. Spare tips are also available.



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KO210-103, KO210-104, KO210-105, KO210-106, KO210-109, KO210-110, KO210-111, KO210-112, KO210-113, KO210-114, KO210-119, KO210-120, KO210-121, KO210-138, KO210-139, KO210-141, KO210-142, KO210-143, KO210-144, KO210-156, KO210-157, KO210-158, KO210-159, KO210-160, KO210-163, KO210-164, KO210-165, KO210-166, KO210-201, KO210-202, KO210-203, KO210-302, KO210-303

• For the glazing tracing of fine wood grains/structures.
• Recommended for indoor use

  • Remove cap – pen is immediately ready for use.
  • Dab on glaze with the tip of the pen as much as required – using no pressure – or apply with short strokes.
  • If too much glaze has been applied and therefore the application becomes too dark, it can be toned down with wire wool after it has begun to dry.
  • In case of ‘strongly soaking’, untreated or raw wood (e.g. abraded areas) just dab on slightly.
  • When repairing filled spots (e.g. with König fillers) apply a barrier coat with Special Repair Lacquer to the ground underneath. To obtain a final sealing, spray again with Special Repair Lacquer.
  • From time to time clean the brush tip with a cloth to avoid contamination.
    Prevent the brush tip coming into contact with lacquers, e.g. when retouching-up lacquers that have not completely
    dried. The tip might become sticky or resinous.
  • Close pen carefully after use – danger of drying up!

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