Konig 240 Colour Touch-Up Pots

A pigmented, weather resistant touch-up lacquer applied by brush. Ideal for base colour work and laminated surfaces. Can be used as an alternative to the colour edging pens when there is a larger area to cover.



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KO240-103, KO240-104, KO240-105, KO240-106, KO240-109, KO240-110, KO240-111, KO240-113, KO240-114, KO240-119, KO240-120, KO240-121, KO240-122, KO240-126, KO240-138, KO240-139, KO240-141, KO240-142, KO240-143, KO240-144, KO240-156, KO240-157, KO240-158, KO240-159, KO240-160, KO240-161, KO240-162, KO240-163, KO240-164, KO240-165, KO240-166, KO240-178, KO240-201, KO240-202, KO240-203, KO240-206, KO240-303, KO240-9005, KO240-9010, KO240-9016, KO240-915, KO240-917, KO240-918, KO240-919

• To be used on wood, plastic and laminate surfaces.
• For a smooth, opaque touch-up by brush on plain
colour surfaces.
• For re-dyeing and for achieving basic shades in the
wood shade sector.
• To cover the substrate in case of veneer sandthroughs.
• To dye Rex-Lith Transparent, Wood and White
• Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Shake up bottom sediments well before use. Mixing balls
    must be audible.
  • Processed best at room temperature.
  • Get your special colour by mixing different colour
    shades (mixing palette).
  • More colour brilliance can be achieved by ‘firing’ either
    with Touch-Up Dye 220 or with Colour Concentrate 215.

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