Konig 243 Colour Edging Pen Premium Pre-Mixed Set

A highly pigmented, weather resistant, acrylic based paint touch-up pen, which is ideal for edges and mitre joints. Improved valve technology provides two styles of application.


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103 Cherrywood, 112 Walnut Brown, 113 Light Mahogany, 141 Light Oak, 143 Dark Oak, 156 Light Beech, 178 Natural Maple, 303 Rustic Oak, 9005 Jet Black, 9010 Pure White

• For the opaque dyeing of closed surfaces in the
wood, plastic and metal sector.
• For a quick uncomplicated dyeing of corners, edges
and grooves.
• To varnish mitre grooves on foil-covered PVC window
profiles and doors.
• For indoor and outdoor use.

  • Shake pen well for at least 10 secs – mixing balls must be audible.
  • Take off cap, hold pen upside down and briefly de-aerate by pressing with thumb and forefinger on the lower part of the housing (pressure adjusting is audible).
  • Hold pen with tip pointing downwards and press slightly until tip is soaked with dye.
  • Touch-up with rapid strokes.
  • For exterior use, the lacquer coats have to be stronger. When working on windows and doors, do not use in the gasket area.
  • If lacquer ceases to flow well, press again.
  • Replace cap after use.
  • Areas to be treated have to be free from dust, grease and silicone.
  • Dried-up tips to be washed out in nitrocellulose thinner. If pen has not been used for a long time or where pigment separates at the tip just replace with a new tip

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