Konig Covering Lacquer

A fully opaque acrylic lacquer which can be used for adjusting colour deviations on indoor and outdoor painted finishes. Also available is the PFH Semi-opaque lacquer for use when visibility of any grain pattern is still desirable. Suitable for both internal & external surfaces.



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7015 Slate Grey, 7016 Anthracite Grey, 7021 Black Grey, 7032 Pebble Grey, 7035 Light Grey, 7038 Agate Grey, 9003 Signal White, 9005 Jet Black, 9010 Pure White, 9016 Traffic White

Part Number

KO327-7021, KO372-7035, KO372-7038, KO372-9003, KO372-9005, KO372-9010, KO372-9016, KO376-7032, KO396-7015, KO396-7016

• A pigmented covering lacquer based on acrylic.
• Dries rapidly.
• High opacity.
• Can be varnished with all König touch-up and aerosol
• Good adhesion to many varnished and plastic
surfaces (not to Soft-PVC).
• Limited PVC-resistance (door and window gaskets).
• Good lightfastness and weather-resistance (adequate
coat thickness required).

  • Shake can well before use and set valve free. When
    banging of the mixing balls is audible – shake at least
    for another 30 seconds. Repeat procedure during work
  • Process at room temperature – do not spray
    on cold/hot surfaces. When working on windows and
    doors do not use in the sealing area.
  • Sand area to be
    treated with 240/280 grit Dry Sandpaper  first, to
    level off scratches and abrasions. Final sanding either
    with Wire Wool 000  or with the 1500 grit Sanding
  • Remove sanding residue thoroughly. In case
    of vertical surfaces, apply several thin coats. Wait for
    approx. 20 minutes before applying the next coat.
    Spray with the ‘red nozzle’ for re- and new lacquering.
    Use the ‘yellow nozzle’ for repairs – nearly without
    lacquer formation.
  • Finally, adjust gloss sheen deviations
    by misting with Special Repair Lacquer PLUS 336-340.
  • Note: The larger the spray distance, the ‘finer’ the lacquer
    application (less gloss). The shorter the spray distance,
    the ‘wetter’ the lacquer application (more gloss) –
    drying time is extended.

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