Konig Shade Equaliser

Tinted low build lacquer for restoring faded areas and adjusting colour variations on wood. Recommended for internal use only.



Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 21 cm
Part Number

KO328-103, KO328-104, KO328-105, KO328-106, KO328-109, KO328-110, KO328-111, KO328-112, KO328-113, KO328-114, KO328-119, KO328-120, KO328-121, KO328-122, KO328-126, KO328-138, KO328-139, KO328-141, KO328-142, KO328-143, KO328-144, KO328-156, KO328-157, KO328-158, KO328-159, KO328-160, KO328-163, KO328-164, KO328-165, KO328-166, KO328-201, KO328-202, KO328-203, KO328-205, KO328-209, KO328-302, KO328-303

• For the glazing, transparent re-dyeing from light to
• To level off minor lacquer damage.
• To adjust slight colour deviations.
• Recommended for indoor use

  • Shake can well before use.
  • Check lacquer compatibility
    and adhesion on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Abrasions in the lacquer area have to be sanded out
    with fine dry or wet sandpaper beforehand.
    Best results are achieved by finally sanding with Wire
    Wool 000.
  • Apply several thin coats from a distance of approx.
    40-50 cm. Wait 5-10 minutes before applying the next

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