Konig Special Repair Lacquer

Low build, quick drying, nitrocellulose lacquer for adjusting sheen level and sealing colour touch-up work with minimal lacquer build-up around repair. Recommended for internal use on artificial and natural wood surfaces. Can also be used on metallic surfaces


Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 21 cm


Part Number

K0336-300, K0337-300, K0338-300, K0339-300, K0340-300, KO337-150, KO338-150, KO339-150, KO340-150


Deep Matt, Matt, Silk Matt, Silk Gloss, Gloss

Unit of sale

150ml, 400ml

Special Repair Lacquer is a low build, quick drying lacquer, which is used for adjusting sheen level and sealing repairs on all lacquered and artificial surfaces. The low solid content means that the finish achieved gives minimal lacquer build up, hence blending in with the surface of the substrate very well.

• To be used on lacquer, décor and laminate surfaces.
• For a spraying without lacquer formation to small
partial surfaces.
• For the adjustment of the gloss sheen.
• For the sealing of repaired damages.
• Recommended for indoor use.

It is extremely useful, for reducing the sheen level following a repair with Soft and Hardwax. Special Repair Lacquer is available in Deep Matt, Matt, Silk Matt and Silk Gloss and Gloss

  • Shake can well before use and briefly spray valve free.
  • Check compatibility and adhesion on an inconspicuous area first.
  • Surface has to be clean and free from grease. If necessary, make a pre-treatment (sand slightly and remove sanding residues).
  • Just spray on thin coats of lacquer from a distance of approx. 40-50 cm.
  • Allow lacquer to dry for approx. 20 minutes between each work step.
  • When sealing a repair with touch-up colours these will turn ‘brighter’ for a short while – as soon as lacquer has dried the original colour shade will return.
  • In case of vertical surfaces several thin coats are best.
  • Allow lacquer to dry for approx. 10 minutes before recoating.

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