Mohawk 3 In 1 Repair Stick


Mohawk Mohawk 3 In 1 Repair Stick. Wood & Furniture Repair Pen. Complete Repairs With A Single Product, Filling And Color Replacement All In One.



Product Information

Mohawk 3 In 1 Repair Stick.

Marker and levelling-lid all in one easy-to-use, pocketable 3 in 1 pen. Repair Stick and Marker in the same colour for ideal colour matching.

Complete repairs with the Mohawk 3 In 1 filling and colour replacement pen.

Levelling tool is used to ensure a smooth and level repair on furniture or any surface you are looking to repair.

Watch the Mohawk YouTube clip to see how to repair furniture using the 3 in 1 Repair Stick

Additional information


Black, Golden Oak, Cherry, Perfect Brown, Honey, Caramel, White, Light Grey, Walnut, Natural, Red Mahogany, Dark Grey, Brown, White Stain, True White


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