StoneFlecks Kitchen Worktop Paint

So have you ever considered the idea of painting your kitchen worktops but you’re hesitant about the cost and durability. Is there even a paint product for this?

Well, yes you can paint them and we have the product to do it,  StoneFlecks Kitchen Worktop Paint from Hawk Labs, our ultimate solution for kitchen and counter top surfaces.

With this revolutionary product, you can elevate the appearance of your kitchen while ensuring its longevity. Say goodbye to dull and boring worktops and hello to a beautiful and practical space with StoneFlecks.

Hawk StoneFlecks kitchen worktop paint delivers an authentic natural stone multi colour finish appearance and exceptional durability, all while being cost-effective.


Thorough preparation is essential when spraying kitchen worktops with StoneFlecks. The success of any painting project relies heavily on the preparation work.


There are 3 different primers that you can use. All the 4100 and 4300 require Cataylsy and Reducer, whilst the 7400 Water Based just needs the Cayalyst.

StoneFlecks Colours

Choose from a large range of colours to transfrom your worktops

Top Coats

Each topcoat gives you a choice of sheen levels for your finished surface. Bothe Top Coats require a Cataylst and Reducer.

Can I Enhance StoneFlecks? Yes You Can

To enhance the fleck particle size and a achieve a softer stone effecor at, add Dynamic Fleck Enhancer. An added touch of glamour, apply Dream Flecks Metallics on top of any StoneFlecks Ultra Multi-Color Finisha choice of sheen levels for your finished surface

Swatches – Reference Guides – Hawk StoneFlecks YouTube Video


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