Hawk Bath, Sink and Tile Repair Kit

Provides everything a professional surface repair tech or sprayer would need to achieve a beautiful repair. The IsoFree Plus systems is an isocyanate-free, functionally cured acrylic topcoat system that delivers fast dry times and a an extremely durable acrylic finish


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About the Kit

Great repairs start with proper surface preparation!

ProFil™ Filling Compound Resin and Hardener combine to form a pinhole-free filling compound, with excellent hiding and feathering capabilities, and good impact and sagging resistance.

QuickPrep™ + Universal Bonding Agent improves coating adhesion by chemically bonding to the substrate and coating at a molecular level. QuickPrep+ is low odor, zero VOC and compatible with all substrates

For repairs that last, choose high-performance coating systems

IsoFree® Lo Topcoat System is an isocyanate-free, low VOC, low odor, and UV-resistant topcoat system providing excellent color retention and stain resistance.  The Bath, Sink and Tile kit includes four shades of white, plus a clear topcoat, and the corresponding Catalyst and Reducer, making it possible to repair most bath fixtures, all from the same kit.

Paint tints to achieve the ideal colour match

GlasTech™ 9000 Tints, available in a variety of colors, give you the flexibility to make in-field color adjustments to achieve the ideal color match. GlasTech tints are concentrated pigments formulated for use with the IsoFree Lo Topcoat System. The Bath, Sink and Tile Kit includes Black, Burnt Umber and Yellow Oxide tints, but additional colors are available upon request.

Polishing Paste & Consumables

ROAR 910,  fast cutting action and high gloss finish in one easy step

Consumables included are, mixing sticks and cups, filler spreaders and micro fibre cloth. All items are available to restock your kit here

Replenish the kit & application

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