uPVC Cleaner

Lechler uPVC cleaner will give an essential thorough preparation for re-finishing your windows & doors. The success of any painting project relies heavily on the preparation work.



Anti-silicone and antistatic degreasing agent suitable to prepare plastic materials ready for painting.


Removes silicones, fats and various polluting agents from the surface with antistatic effect (it doesn’t attract dust by painting). To be used to clean and degrease all plastic and glass substrates.


Good cleaning power.
Good antistatic power (it provides the cleaned substrate an electric charge the same polarity of the air dust thus repelling it from the surface to paint).
Fast evaporation
Universal degreasing agent for all plastic materials and glass


Use clean clothes or industrial paper as follows:
Wipe the surface with a cloth or paper towel soaked with DETERGENT.
Dry with clean clothes or paper towel before the product has evaporated (never allow the product to evaporate on the substrate).

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