uPVC Window & Door Paint

One of the best ways to give your property that curb appeal is to replace them to give that new fresh look. But, problems arising from that goes from the cost to the disruption and, espically, the eco waste on replacing items which most probably dont need replacing.

Well there is another way, re-finish them with a cost effective high quality paint product. We supply that in the  Lechler Plastigrip. This is a fast drying, hard waring with an amazing finish. As a result, your neighbours will think you have fitted new!


Thorough preparation is essential when re-finishing your windows & doors. The success of any painting project relies heavily on the preparation work.

uPVC Paint Coating

Lechler Plasticgrip is a market leading paint for re-finishing PVC windows

1k uPVC Paint

Lechler 1K Plasticgrip 29 949 Internal paint for uPVC is an excellent solution for enhancing the appearance and durability of uPVC materials like windows, doors, and conservatories. This specialised paint is formulated to adhere to uPVC surfaces, creating a long-lasting finish.

Essential Consumables